F1 unveils new logo and typeface!

The Formula One logo has one of the most iconic logos, and they switch it up with this beauty!

So why did they change their logo? According to autosport.com, F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches said that “the old design was not useful for modern digital platforms nor merchandise.”

“You cannot stitch the old logo chevron to the right,” Bratches said.

“A number of brands, particularly in this day and age, are trying to simplify their marks to enter the digital space.

“Look at Starbucks, or Coca Cola which has taken the condensation off their logo to enter digital.

“We felt we had to go a little bit further and really retool to position us on a going forward basis.”

F1’s marketing head, Ellie Norman explains the design:

“It takes inspiration from the low profile shape of the car, two cars crossing a finish line,” she said.

“It is incredibly bold and simple, so as we apply this in today’s market and being mobile and digital led, we have much more flexibility and versatility with this logo.”

Although the old F1 logo became iconic because of the hidden ‘1’ that featured in the middle, Bratches said that it was actually too subtle for many people.

“We hold in high regard the incumbent mark,” he said.

“It served F1 extremely well over the past 23 years, but in terms of where we are taking the business and our vision for the business, it is the negative space in the ‘1’ doesn’t come through candidly in digital.

To know a little more abut the logo, read here: http://bit.ly/2BizclL