Creative Minimalist Posters

Have you ever been asked to make a poster but was given a copy text that had no more than three details? Or the opposite, where you were given an overload of details and thought to yourself, “how tf am I supposed to put all this without it looking like a mess?”

The answer, my friends, is minimalism. Now, some people find minimalism to be a bit too simple. So how do you make a minimalist layout “creative”? Here are some inspirations that I found from the trusty, Pinterest.


Now, I don’t know what this poster says, but I love the use of color here. A red-orange with a simple image of a man, the use of typography–the cropped letters, and that vector “pants” (LOL). So many elements in here but it’s not messy.


Geometric designs and monochromatic images are two trends that you can find in this poster. The smart use of triangles, and placement of the text are in synch. Very hipster, if you ask me…


I sometimes like to describe layouts like these as basic. The use of basic colors in chunky blocks, and a basic font type in black. The layout is very symmetric that you could imagine the amount of Guides in AI (Adobe Illustrator) the artist used to make this layout. It’s simple, but eye-catching.


Red is bold, and sometimes not preferred because it is visually too strong for the eyes to handle. But I’m guessing the artist here thought “there’s only a few text and I need it to stand out. What the heck. Red it is.” Smart.


This poster here has a lot of information, but the artist managed to put a huge amount of space in the middle. The use of the image to capture its audience is a smart move. They were trying to attract artists to hire, which means the creator of this poster knows how to grab his target audience’s attention.


The use of patterns are as old school as the existence of patterns. When all other design studies fail, patterns and abstract designs are here to save the day!


A bold text to grab attention, a script font to add a bit of fanciness and/or to subtle down the bold font, and a thin font for details to differ itself from the bold font. A very smart use of typography going on here.


What I love about this poster is the use of letters to give its audience an understanding of what it’s all about upon first sight. If you’re interested in typography, then you know what I mean. Again, the artist here knows how to grab the attention of his target audience.


Now I don’t know what attracted me so much to this poster. I do not know what it says but I love it ‘cuz it just screams creative minimalism to me. Again, a bold font to grab attention, then thin fonts to give you the details. Amazing.


What I like about this poster are the graphic elements. But the layout itself is what makes this stunning. It’s so simple, but you would stop and stare at it. It’s a layout that you don’t see everyday. It’s different!

Author: riannecaballero

Former Writer. Full-Time Graphic Designer.

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