About Ria



I am a graphic designer and writer, as what my site tells you. Since the purpose of this site is sell myself off as someone you should hire, it would be more simple if I uploaded my resume (I did and you can find it below). But it’s a three-pager, which might bore you. So to save you the time, here’s a bullet-form summary of things I would like you to know about me:

  • Real name: Ria
  • I graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts in 2017.
  • My work experience include: an internship as graphic designer in a major graphic & print company; front desk & graphic design duties in a graphic design & advertising print shop; graphic designer & accessory designer in an accessory manufacturing & wholesale company; a staff writer in a beauty industry magazine; and finally, some freelancing in both writing and designing that led to the creation of this website.
  • I love Branding and Corporate Identity, which also led to my interest in brand marketing and social media marketing.
  • When out and alone in the city with nothing to do, I love looking at stores and their logos, and how they market themselves–I like to analyze these things.
  • And finally, I love giving advises on Branding and Corporate Identity, especially on the design of the logo. It makes me happy to give some needed opinions and suggestions.

So if you need a Graphic Designer, I’m your girl. One is glad to be of design-service!

Click here to view my resume.